Around Town in Chilliwack started as a passion project from Matthew A. Hawkins in his desire to connect with local interesting, unique people in Chilliwack who are doing purposeful work. 

As the founder and chief operator of Hawkins Media and its subsidiary,, his goal has been and continues to be using and finding an outlet for his passion for art—particularly in film and now podcasting—in it's entirety— the creative process as a whole to produce works of both personal and professional value. While pursuing that passion, he has learned how not only to create work that excels both aesthetically and substantively, but to effectively market it as well.

Around Town in Chilliwack is a podcast series to connect those in Chilliwack to the people who make up their community and to various things happening around town. There is so much creative, interesting work that is being done locally by such a variety of people, we are excited to present an original "behind-the-scenes" view of it. 

Through an audio podcast series that will be set-up through RSS feeds and easily updated through services like iTunes Podcast app, and other podcasts services like PodBay, these podcast episodes will be made available for everyone.