Taras Groves Episode - Around Chilliwack Podcast


Taras Groves Podcast Episode - Around Chilliwack Podcast

Taras Groves
Founder Chilliwack Independent Film Festival

Taras Groves is a fairly new resident to not only Chilliwack, but to Canada. He has a passion for grass roots film making and a knack for independent films. He started up the Chilliwack Independent Film Festival and he shares about what we can expect for the 2nd annual CIFF.

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Erik J Matthews & Jason Lum Podcast Episode - Around Chilliwack Podcast


Erik J Matthews & Jason Lum Podcast Episode - Around Chilliwack Podcast

Erik J Matthews
Local Musician
Performer, guitar/bass instructor, session work, song writing. 

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Jason Lum
Local Politician & Business Owner
Seeking his third term as a city councillor and advocate for a healthier Fraser Valley.



Bill Turnbull Episode - Around Town in Chilliwack Podcast


Bill Turnbull Episode - Around Town in Chilliwack Podcast

Bill Turnbull
The Town Butcher
Bill has been living in Chilliwack for the last 26 years, after spending some time in another retail grocery store; Bill discovered not only his love of cutting meat, but partnering with local farmers that produce high quality, grass fed, non-antibiotic meats.

Bill built the Town Butcher out of passion for our community. He's taken the risk of building his own business; having to up and move locations all the way across town; and building relationships with local farmers to bring high quality products to market.

If you've never stopped in to the Town Butcher, be sure to find Bill and ask him some questions. He's passionate, knowledgeable and an all-around great guy.

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David Jimmie Episode - Around Town in Chilliwack Podcast


David Jimmie Episode - Around Town in Chilliwack Podcast

David Jimmie
Chief & CEO Squiala Nation
David is the Chief and CEO of Squiala Nation, he's a fixture in Chilliwack and more importantly in our First Nations community. A father, husband, businessman; David has already lived a life of many experiences, lessons and incredible moments. Having travelled the world, higher level schooling and high level positions in his community, David is an inspiration.

He recently spoke at TedX Chilliwack (you can view that talk here: https://youtu.be/yDsZJRaKyB8) and has been working hard to put First Nations interest at the forefront. From working on housing developments, commercial/business opportunities and making First Nations concerns a priority, David is a driven, passionate individual that is making an impact in Chilliwack.

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Around Town in Chilliwack Season 3: Amber Price

Photo Credit: Sarah Sovereign Photography

Photo Credit: Sarah Sovereign Photography

Amber Price
The Book Man
Amber is co-owner of the Book Man. An anchor business of downtown Chilliwack, the Book Man was started by Amber's father. Books have always been a part of Amber's life and her passion for Chilliwack is contagious. 

I've worked on numerous video projects with Amber and the Book Man. Over the years it's been so encouraging to step behind the camera and try to capture the images that Amber wants of her store and of the Book Man himself. It was a privilege to sit down and have a great 1-on-1 conversation with Amber.

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Around Town in Chilliwack Season 3: Joanna Kondylis


Joanna Kondylis
Old Yale Brewing
Joanna is the Tasting Room Manager at Old Yale Brewing. She's the face you usually see behind the bar ready to serve you up healthy education of craft beer knowledge.

Not only is Joanna a craft beer enthusiast, she also has a healthy addiction for video games.

It was a lot of fun to sit down and chat with her about her favourite beers, her craft beer holidays and our shared video game addictions.

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Around Town in Chilliwack Season 3: Cliff Prang


Cliff Prang
Comedian & Actor
Cliff is a funny guy. A recent transplant into the Chilliwack area, Cliff has been popping up all over town. Working on everything from stand-up comedy, short films, commercials and emceeing, Cliff does it all. 

He prides himself on dropping the 'F-Word' from all of his acts and brings a whole family approach to his comedy.

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his stand-up special 'Dad Body of Work'


Around Town in Chilliwack Season 2: Janet Carroll


Janet Carroll
Creative Free Wheeler
Janet is a long time Chilliwack resident and retired employee of the Chilliwack School District #33. She's spent years in the Human Resources sector with SD33, and to get away from it all she would throw herself in creative endeavours like painting, acting, making jewelry and walking her dogs.

She's been heavily involved in the Chilliwack Players Guild and has an upcoming show she's directing "A Flea in Her Ear" starting November 16th at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. Get tickets here.

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Green Pear Designs FB Page

Around Town in Chilliwack Season 2: Steve Hiscoe


Steve Hiscoe
Hiscoe Jiu Jitsu
Steve has been a part of martial arts for nearly all of his life. A long time serving RCMP member and advocate of youth and adults learning to protect themselves, Steve has become a figure head in our community. He inspires youth and adults through self defence teaching, while giving them confidence, respect and real world skills.

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Around Town in Chilliwack Season 2: Rene Crawshaw


Rene Crawshaw
Long Time Local, Outdoor Adventurer
Rene is a fascinating guy. During the day he's an environmental analyst doing various water mapping around the province and after work, he's an outdoor adventurer. He's skied and competed all over the world, but he loves to be at home in Chilliwack. He's also a brand ambassador for a number of different companies and an all around great guy.

Photo by Jason Hummel
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Around Town in Chilliwack Season 2: The 2 Kennedy Sisters Episode

The 2 Kennedy Sisters
Long Time Locals, Youtube Creators 

The 2 Kennedy Sisters are long time Chilliwack residents and have discovered their passion for online content. They've been working towards building their channels and following online with their wine tasting videos they post, every Wednesday, and have been doing for over 2 years.

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Around Town in Chilliwack Season 2: Trevor McDonald Episode

Trevor McDonald
Local Entertainer, 89.5 The Drive Host & Musician

Trevor is a renowned local entertainer in Chilliwack. Having played through the local club scene, in the Copper Room of the famous Harrison Hot Springs Hotel and now community advocate and entertainer, Trevor is a multifaceted, long term Chilliwack resident that brings a lot to this community.

Learn more about Trevor's work:

Around Town in Chilliwack Season 2: Clint Hames Episode

Clint Hames
Former Mayor, Local Artist & Pacific Pathways CEO/President

Clint Hames is a long time resident of the Chilliwack area. He's spent many years running as local councillor and mayor, plus he's spent countless years involved with various parts of the local theatre (from music to directing and more).
Clint brings a very interesting voice to the podcast, with his knowledge of community wellness, leadership and his love for Chilliwack.

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Around Town in Chilliwack: The Book Man Episode

David Short
The Book Man

The Book Man has been in the business of selling used books for more than two decades. Aside from his thrill and passion in finding used books, David has travelled the world over and lived an exciting, story-filled life. Sit back, relax and just listen to David share a life full of wisdom through a few stories and his wonderful store.

The Book Man is located in downtown Chilliwack, on the one-way section of Wellington. Check out more at: BookMan.ca 

Around Town in Chilliwack: That Local Market Episode

Bernadette & Natasha
That Local Market

That Local Market is an initiative started by Bernadette and Natasha. With a love for locally grown and crafted products. Their passion for the community, pushed them to start That Local Market to showcase everything great this city has to offer.

The market happens every Saturday morning up until September 24th, at Central Community Park in downtown Chilliwack. Check out more at: ThatLocalMarket.com

Around Town in Chilliwack: Sarah Sovereign Episode

Sarah Sovereign
Photographer & Visual Artist

Sarah is a local photographer, visual artist and student, looking to get her Masters in Counselling. Long time Chilliwack resident and passion for all things 80's, Sarah blends her talent behind the camera with her ability to see the stories being told in peoples lives. You could find Sarah on any kind of shoot from pets, to pin-up models, family portraits and more. She brings a unique eye and outlook to what's happening in Chilliwack.

Around Town in Chilliwack: Tim McAlpine Episode

Tim McAlpine
President & Creative Director Currency Marketing

Local businessman and entrepreneur, Tim McAlpine has been perfecting his craft and learning about specialization in marketing since he started his first Chilliwack based business in 1990. With a passion for credit unions and financial education for young people, Tim is a pillar in the business community of Chilliwack. He also is a board member with CEPCO and various other groups.