“I love the scenery and how peaceful it feels.”

I love the scenery and how peaceful it feels. For eating a meal I would recommend Frankies and for an informal meal or coffee, Decades. For shopping it depends on what they are looking for really but I love The Button Box & Winks for decor.

— Bernadette Maguire

“We have all of the conveniences of a larger town, but we are completely surrounded by natural beauty.”

In a ten minute drive you can do all of your shopping, and then go for a walk by a river. We have retained so much of our small town charm; people are friendly, and take the time to say "Hello" to each other still!

— Amber Price

I love that it feels like we live inside a beautiful picture.

— Michelle Graham

Far enough away from Vancouver that it keeps its unique culture.

— Gene

“I love the rivers. I grew up on the Vedder, fishing and camping with family; it shaped so much of who I am.”

If you're coming to Chilliwack for the first time, grab your coffee and scone from Hazel Springs [in Yarrow], then head to Lindemann Lake. You get a beautiful drive of the landscape, and a hike up to get a taste of being in the mountains too.

— Nicole Kornelson

“If it’s your first time in Chilliwack get out and explore. You will be amazed at all the different trails, hikes, views, etc.”

Chilliwack has the best panoramic views! It also has amazing trails that show all of the views.
I love shopping at Grand Pappy’s home furniture who have been in Chilliwack for over 40 years. They provide amazing customer service and do a lot for the community.

— Jarrett

Words from Chilliwack Residents