Chilliwack Museum Moment: S’í:lhqey

Photograph courtesy of the Chilliwack Museum and Archives, [2004.052.2186]

Photograph courtesy of the Chilliwack Museum and Archives, [2004.052.2186]

Chilliwack Museum Moment: S’í:lhqey

A part of S’ólh Téméxw (our world), the areas known today as Chilliwack Landing and Five Corners are located on the traditional land of the Ts’elxwéyeqw (Chilliwack) and Pelólhxw (Pilalt) tribes of the Stó:lō people.  The Stó:lō people, the People are the River, are a part of the Coast Salish peoples and have been here since time immemorial. 

Stó:lō elders and community members share lessons about the history and creation of S’ólh Téméxw through sxxwiyám (creation and transformer stories) and sqwélqwel (true news and family histories). These accounts, as well as the shxwelí (life force) which resides in all living and non-living things, connect current generations of Stó:lō to the land and to their ancestors.  

Stl’á:leqem (supernatural creatures), such as the s’í:lhqey, have and continue to be reported by Stó:lō elders and community members in Chilliwack and the Five Corners area. Living in winding channels and marshlands, s’í:lhqey are normally described as serpents with two heads. S’í:lhqey have the power to cause a person’s body to twist and become sick until death if a person runs upon seeing the creature. 

Learn more about s’í:lhqey through the Five Faces, Five Corners: The Social Experience of Chilliwack’s Downtown exhibition at the Chilliwack Museum and Archives, located at 45820 Spadina Road. The exhibition will run until April 18, 2020. 

*Captions for the images are included below.

Learn more about the current exhibit here: 

Caption from the first image:
A double-headed Snake “They made it on a 3ft wide post. The one head pointed down and the other up. The middle was round like a tub. It was like a big snake only the head like a horse’s head - long and smooth - a long mouth - long ears like a horse’s - it’s got a note and teeth in its mouth, like an alligator. They had it painted, lots of red Indian paint - on the eyes - the ears were long like a horse’s, only they were feathers.”

“This *SEEL-kee was seen by two brothers who were searching for their “power” to be in Indian doctors, down at *koh-KWAH-puhl. They saw it in a pond they used to *qoh-QIY-ah; it was down behind where the Chilliwack Exhibition Grounds are now.”

“My grandfather told me not to go there when shooting ducks - you away - Indians you know - when you see it - you pull your hair out of your head - like that - and blow it at him - and when you do that you are hurting him, - but when you see him, don’t turn around, or if you do, you are going to twist all up. That’s what my grandfather told me.”

Caption from the second image:
“A great big serpent - it’s got a head at both ends and it swims around in that slough - (where the Chilliwack Court House was later). To kill it, the man swam out to it and grabbed it and threw grass into its mouth, which killed it.

When it died, and after it rotted away, the man who got his power - because he had killed this big serpent - did what the serpent had told him. He burned the bones and then painted a picture of the serpent across the front of his big house, over the door. He marks the place where all the bones beyond - he pictured the shape of that serpent over the door to protect that house.”

The ‘power’ of the *SEEL-kee to destroy usually caused its victims to writhe and twist in pain until the collapsed. This was the punishment meted out, according to legend, to a raiding party who came from the cost to attack the house.

Caption from the third image:
Chief Joe was hunting at a big pond, south of Little Mountain, east of Chilliwack City, near where Prest Road is now.

“He heard this thing flying - it came right down into that lake - just like a duck - when he got to that lake he found out it wasn’t a duck. He said it was like a big tub floating, and while he was watching its head came up and started talking. It talked like a duck - like a Mallard. It was not long before another head came up - he had two heads - and how that thing could fly I don’t know; but the Indian said that thing could fly from lake to lake. I don’t understand, but that’s a great thing you know: but if you tell a white man he wouldn’t believe it, you know, but my grandfather, Chief Joe of *koh-KWAH-puhl, he saw it twice, it came right over him and it came down on to the lake just like a boat. He said it was just like a tub - then one head came up and it started talking - then the other head came up - like a duck’s head on a long neck.”

“That’s a *SEEL-kee - that’s what they called it.”

PechaKucha Chilliwack 2019


PechaKucha Chilliwack 2019

Come and learn more about the untold stories of Chilliwack's creative economy. The 5th annual PechaKucha Chilliwack is a free event and will feature local speakers each with a unique story to tell delivered in a very unique format.

PechaKucha 20x20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.

It will be fast-paced, insightful and inspirational and the members of the Chilliwack Creative Commission would like to invite you to attend. Please reserve your spot today as we expect to have a full house.

Get your tickets here:

Brought to you by:


The Chilliwack Creative Commission, a committee of CEPCO, is a one-stop resource for film, interactive and digital media in Chilliwack.

Annual Chilliwack Agriculture Tour 2019

Annual Chilliwack Agriculture Tour 2019

The Chilliwack Agricultural Commission is an ad hoc committee of the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation. The Commission, which was formed in 1999, recognizes the importance and value of Chilliwack’s diverse agricultural sector and has successfully promoted agricultural growth, development, education and awareness in Chilliwack by leading the following projects and events:

  • Annual Chilliwack Agriculture Tour (17 years)

  • Agriculture Sector Strategy

  • Agriculture Education Opportunities Study

  • Slow Moving Farm Vehicle Signs

  • Housing for Seasonal Farm Workers Bylaw

  • Sardis Secondary School Greenhouse Renovation

  • Agriculture Plastics Recycling Pilot Project

  • University of the Fraser Valley Agriculture Development Plan

  • Chilliwack Agricultural Area Plan

  • Agri-food Directions to 2020 Report

  • Agriculture Centre of Excellence at University of the Fraser Valley

The Town Butcher - Online Ordering Now Available


The Town Butcher - Online Ordering Now Available

It is finally here!!! The Town Butcher launched their online delivery and pickup service. For orders $50 or more you can have delivery for $5 anywhere within 20km of our store.

They have delivery days for Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. You can also customize your order and pick it up at the store.

Be one of the first 50 customers with orders over $50 and you will be entered to win a gift card to The Town Butcher for $200.

Place your order online NOW!

Find out more about the Town Butcher here:

Chilliwack 25th Business Excellence Awards - Tickets On Sale Now

It's here! Tickets are NOW on sale for the 25th Business Excellence Awards and to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we took a little field trip with our event sponsors, Baker Newby LLP & KPMG LLP (and a few of our Board Members!) and drove by 25 places that have been around for 25 years or more!

Buy your tickets here:

*We had a lot of fun creating this video with the Chamber ladies and all of the amazing participants that took part in it as well.

Ever After Character Company - The Name Change!

Ever After Character Company - The Name Change!

Ever After Character Company_LOGO.png

First off, let me introduce myself. I'm Emily, and I am one of the founders of this company! Along with my bestie Pauline, we keep the princess hair looking fancy, the dresses looking magical, and the communications running smoothly. We both have an extensive musical theatre background, and running this company has been such and amazing way to use our musical and acting talents to make dreams come true.

We had a HUGE announcement in August! We changed our name from Ever After Princess Party Events to (drum-roll please...) Ever After Character Company! To us, the name change was a no-brainer! When we first started the company in 2015, we honestly thought we would just be doing a few events a month, and that Pauline and myself would be able to handle all the parties we booked. Boy, were we WRONG! It wasn't long before we started to call in our other theatre friends to help out with the demand. Fast-forward to 4.5 years later... and we have OVER 20 characters on our roster!

It has been AMAZING to add so many great people to our team... and to add so many amazing characters as well!

As we grew, we kept adding more and more princesses, but we also had a demand for pirates, wizards, super heroes, unicorn princesses... the list kept growing! So, the decision was made to change our name to something that told people we do MORE than 'princess' here at Ever After! It's just that simple.

The response to the name change has been great! Our new logo by Becca at Diva! Design is absolutely STUNNING! We were blown away by what she came up with for us. It just feels like this was all meant to be.

As I conclude, I realize that I have used a lot of CAPs and exclamation points in this blog post. But I can't help it. I'M JUST SO EXCITED!

If you're reading this as a customer, thanks for all the support that you've given us over the years. You're the reason we get up in the morning, and we're so thankful that you've chosen to have us over for a visit in the past. If you're new to us, welcome! Thanks for visiting us! We can't wait to see you in person some time soon.

This is Emily, signing off!

Go learn more about the Ever After Character Company and book them for your next event or party!

Chilliwack Museum Moment - The Paramount Theatre

Chilliwack Museum Moment - The Paramount Theatre


Emblazoned with a fifty-foot sign and heralded as “Chilliwack’s first skyscraper” by the Chilliwack Progress, the Paramount Theatre opened to great fanfare in 1949. Complete with state-of-the-art seating and candy bar, the Paramount opened to a sold-out crowd of 900, with hundreds more lined up outside attempting to catch the Canadian premiere of “Sorrowful Jones”. The first ticket to the show was purchased by Barry Middleton of Vedder Crossing. 

A landmark on the streets around Five Corners for 64 years prior to its demolition in 2013 and a magnet for Chilliwackians, the Paramount Theatre was the latest in a string of live performance and cinematic theatres to open at Five Corners. Other venues, such as the Chilliwack Opera House and the Lyric Theatre were completed much earlier between 1909 -1910, providing much needed space for theatrical and musical performances. Both of these businesses were renovated and later renamed, becoming the Strand and Imperial Theatres respectively as their businesses gradually shifted towards showing moving pictures and cinema films. 

The closure and eventual demolition of the Paramount Theatre spelled the end of more than a century of continuous years of live or cinematic performances at the core of Chilliwack’s downtown social experience.   

Learn more about the Paramount and Five Corners through the Five Faces, Five Corners: The Social Experience of Chilliwack’s Downtown exhibition at the Chilliwack Museum and Archives, located at 45820 Spadina Road. The exhibition will run until April 18, 2020. 

Learn more about the current exhibit here:

3 Reasons Why "Around Chilliwack” Supports Local and Small Businesses

3 Reasons Why Around Chilliwack Supports Local and Small Businesses

1.  It puts money back into the community and into local families

Downtown Chilliwack

Downtown Chilliwack

When you purchase things locally or use local services, you are putting your money back into the community, into people who are your neighbour.  You are helping put a daughter through jui-jitsu or dance classes, a son through piano or soccer lessons.  You are investing back into your community, and into businesses that help support businesses and their community.  

For instance, one local artisan we love is “Scrappy Creations by Jenn”.  Though mostly found online and at local markets, she also hosts classes inside locally owned Decades Coffee Club. Another example is The Town Butcher; we love that The Town Butcher not only provides “instant meals” for us to buy, but that a local chef also makes them. We also love that our local Locke’s Pharmacy held a free street party for our community, simply to celebrate 70 years of serving their community and to thank the community for their support. These are businesses supporting businesses, and it’s not just about business, it’s about a community.

We love supporting people and businesses that invest back in to people and their community

2.  It’s not just about money in their pocket, but also about customers and quality service

Dan at the Local Harvest takes great pride in his self-sustaining market and quality products.

Dan at the Local Harvest takes great pride in his self-sustaining market and quality products.

Local and small businesses genuinely care about their customers and clients.  These businesses are not in it to “get rich”.  Oftentimes, these business owners saw a need within the community and wanted to provide a product or service to passionately fill that need.

We love that we are valued as a client and customer, and not just valued for our wallet.

3.  Unique products, unique services

Local business often host one-of-a-kind products or services, with a creative twist.  Items are made with care and precision and are offered with intent and thought.  This includes thought as to its impact to the environment and that it is sourced ethically.  

Artisan Bread at the Local Harvest.

Artisan Bread at the Local Harvest.

We really like local honey, which we often buy at farmers markets or in locally owned stores.  We have often found that local honey suppliers and sellers are not only passionate about the importance of local honey, but also about its quality, about the bee population, and how the honey is processed.  There is thought put into this product offered, and it is something unique that stands out from the rest.

At Around Chilliwack, we love supporting people’s passions and accessing original products.

How Around Chilliwack Can Promote and Support Your Business

Beer, Pizza and Tacos at Major League 2

Beer, Pizza and Tacos at Major League 2

Recently, we have expanded our team and created a brand new package that now includes professional and visually appealing content made for your business, and provides a platform to help market and promote your businesses and expand your reach within our community and throughout the Fraser Valley.  

Our work has originally been to simply promote and feature new, old and hidden treasures within our community, free of charge; however, the creation of these new packages will now allow businesses to proactively access our platform to promote and expand their business.

Oftentimes local business owners have to wear too many hats.  Wearing too many hats can spread a person too thin, reduce productivity and also increase one’s stress level.  We know that when we need our furnace repaired, we call our repairman, or when our microwave breaks and can’t be repaired, we visit GP Furniture.  If we need business cards, we go to our printers, and if a blog post or photo needs extra help with editing, we send it to our team member best qualified to do that.  We are your team members as well.  The packages we have put together are designed to help local businesses market their business and increase their presence online and on social media by:

Bill Turnbull, owner of The Town Butcher

Bill Turnbull, owner of The Town Butcher

    • Providing professional photos and/or videos

    • Making advertising and feature spots available on our website to help showcase businesses and services/products offered

    • Providing clients with content, content, content, content. Every day, content is pushed down and replaced by the latest content. We provide businesses with the new content needed to stay relevant.

Let us help you with one of your many hats.  Our newly expanded team consists of professional marketers, photographers, videographers and writers.  This team has a way of finding and capturing the beauty of light shining on an amber glass of beer, of seeing the beauty in a perfectly lined row of colourful clothes, and even in how a dedicated owner slices a piece of beef with care and precision.  We can focus on what we do best so that you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

To find a package right for your business, contact us or view our available packages at

What We Offer - Advertising with Around Chilliwack

What We Offer - Advertising with Around Chilliwack


Around Chilliwack has been happening now for almost 4 years. It originally launched as a podcast called ‘Around Town in Chilliwack’ and it was solely a podcast show that featured unique individuals in our community. As the show progressed, there was clearly a need for a website and social media channels to showcase our city.

After much debate and thought, some important conversations and a good friend’s advice, the ‘Town’ part of the name was dropped and ‘Around Chilliwack’ was officially born. The venture started out with only a small amount of advertising funds from 3 key local businesses, otherwise the work and promotion you see done on Around Chilliwack has been free of charge and for the sole purpose of promoting our incredible community.

Moving into the next phase of Around Chilliwack, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite creative people and are teaming up to create the best content for local businesses on Around Chilliwack AND on those businesses promotional avenues.

Around Chilliwack Content Creators.png

With the amount of content that people look through online in a day, it’s hard to stay atop of everything and get noticed. Creating visually stunning and interesting content is important. Having a social media plan and a library of content to pick from makes your day to day that much easier. We help with that.

We are only currently offering 10 spots for content creation packages and so far 6 of those spots are filled.

If you’d like to learn more, check out this page:

You can check out some of our recent work below.

Lock‘s Pharmacy 70th Anniversary Street Fest


Lock‘s Pharmacy 70th Anniversary Street Fest

August 17th, Saturday from 12-8pm
Check out the event here:

A street party to celebrate Lock's Pharmacy being in Chilliwack for 70 years. Live music all day hosted by Trevor McDonald! You don't want to miss out on this amazing event!

It’s going to be a great day with free food trucks, live entertainment all day long; including Chilliwack playing that night! You don’t want to miss out. Bring your lawn, come relax and enjoy downtown Chilliwack!!! It’ll be the street party of the decade!

Not to mention, the Chilliwack Museum will have free admission for the day. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their new exhibit about downtown Chilliwack called Five Faces, Five Corners: The Social Experience of Chilliwack’s Downtown - more about it here:

*Dedicated to personalized service, Lock’s Pharmacy is a family-owned dispensary and proud member of the Chilliwack community since 1949. Your good health is our primary concern.

The Chilliwack Fair - August 9-11

The Chilliwack Fair - August 9-11


In 1873, the non-profit Chilliwack and District Agricultural Society incorporated and began producing the Chilliwack Exhibition and Fair. The Fair has run continuously since then and is the second-oldest fair in British Columbia.

The culture and heritage of Chilliwack is what makes our community strong and unique. The Fair is an opportunity to celebrate all that the community has to offer and despite being the foundation on which it was built, the Fair is about much more than agriculture.  We are proud to feature many local artists, organizations and businesses throughout the Fair.  Opportunities to participate in the Fair are countless, whether as a 4-H member showing a favourite animal, an entrant in the annual Fruit Pie Baking Contest, an event sponsor, or a volunteer in any of a number of different capacities during fair time.

Visit the Chilliwack Fair this August 9-11 for some guaranteed family fun. We have so many amazing entries this year and attractions and entertainment for everyone in the family. Nicole has some more details in this video. Can’t wait to see you all at the fair!

Get your tickets and info here:

Follow the Chilliwack Fair on Facebook to keep up to date:

Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce - Visiting Agricultural Members

Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce - Visiting Agriculture Members

Check out the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce exploring some of Chilliwack's agricultural businesses! We had so much fun at Klaassen FarmsQuik's Farm Floral Shop, and the crew responsible for our amazing Chilliwack Fair ! Stay tuned next month for another video😜#bettertogether

Thank you @matthawkins for helping us create such great videos!

*correction: Klaassen Farms Blueberry Stands are open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, they do not open at 6:00 am.

And of course the Blooper Reel!!!

Chris Funk The Wonderist

Chris Funk The Wonderist

Did you know we have a famous magician living in our backyard?!


Chilliwack, BC — Chris Funk The Wonderist is bringing part of the show that has entertained thousands around the world home to The CW’s “Masters of Illusion”.

Funk has been performing magic for 25 years, having worked all across Canada, the U.S., South America, and on a number of TV appearances, including NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” and CW’s “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” as well as the most recent season of “Masters of Illusion.” After three years touring throughout North America, Funk is bringing his unique blend of awe-inspiring magic, live music and biting humour to TV audiences.

“I love the atmosphere of a TV set with a live audience. Yeah, it’s recorded, but there’s still that element of ‘anything can happen.’”

Funk’s episode of “Masters of Illusion” will be airing on June 21 on The CW network. The series showcases celebrity magicians from around the world in a theatre-style setting and is hosted by Dean Cain.

About Chris Funk

Chris Funk the Wonderist is a magician who blends a world-class, Las Vegas-style magic show with side-splitting, sarcastic humour combined with unforgettable live music.


DISNEY: “That was incredible!”

SIMON COWELL - AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: “Best magician we’ve had on the show so far! I’ve never seen anything like that!”
CBC: “Head-scratching magic!”

PENN & TELLER: “There’s a wildness and beauty to Chris Funk’s daft and funny presence that we - and the audiences we’ve seen him with – find irresistible.”



SOURCE : Kevin Cruz Antunes, KCA GROUP

Father's Day Pulled Pork Pancake Breakfast

Pulled Pork Pancake Breakfast mobile.png

Father's Day Pulled Pork Pancake Breakfast

This Father’s Day (June 16th) why not take Dad out to a motorcycle shop to enjoy some live music, pancakes and pulled pork!?!

The pancakes are being cooked by the Chilliwack Firefighters Charitable Society and pulled pork done by Alicias Flavours.

This event is by donation with all proceeds going to the Chilliwack Firefighters Charitable Society.

Sunday June 16
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Live Music w/ Nelson Padilla

Mountainview Harley-Davidson
44768 Yale Road West

alicias pulled pork.jpg

Chilliwack Tennis Society Summer Tennis Camps


Chilliwack Tennis Society Summer Tennis Camps

Week 1 - July 8-12 - Program 1 - FUNdamentals
9:00 - 10:30 am (ages 5-8)
10:30 - 12pm (ages 9-12)
Learn the FUNdamentals needed to play tennis while developing basic skills in a welcoming environment.

Week 2 - July 22-26 - Program 2 and 4
9:00 - 10:30 am - Family tennis (4yrs and older)
10:30 - 12pm - Teen tennis (ages 13-17)
Family Tennis - (4yrs and older - 2 participants: one adult and one child). Take part in the development of your child’s social, motor and play skills while having a great time learning the fun of hitting a tennis ball.
Teens - We will teach the kids the skills to learn and play tennis for a lifetime, by providing engaging sessions which aim to develop confidence, coordination and game sense.


Week 3 - July 29 - Aug 2 - Program 3 - Beginner Adult
9:00 - 10:30 am
10:30 - 12pm
The Fun Adult Starter Tennis (FAST) clinic introduces the basic fundamentals of play as well as rules and scoring.

Week 4 - Aug 19-23 - Program 1 - FUNdamentals
9:00 - 10:30 am (ages 5-8)
10:30 - 12pm (ages 9-12)
Learn the FUNdamentals needed to play tennis while developing basic skills in a welcoming environment.

Week 5 - Aug 26-30 - Program 2 and 4
9:00 - 10:30 am - Family tennis (4yrs and older)
10:30 - 12pm - Teen tennis (ages 13-17)
Family Tennis - (4yrs and older - 2 participants: one adult and one child). Take part in the development of your child’s social, motor and play skills while having a great time learning the fun of hitting a tennis ball.
Teens - We will teach the kids the skills to learn and play tennis for a lifetime, by providing engaging sessions which aim to develop confidence, coordination and game sense.

All sessions will be held at the tennis courts at Watson Glen Park (Twin Rinks) 5727 Tyson Rd.

Camp Fees - $80 per participant per week

For more information or to register please contact:
Phil Dacre (Coach)

Phil is a member of the Chilliwack Tennis Society and also a certified Tennis Canada instructor.

Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s Summer Art Camps!

Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s Summer Art Camps!


Turn your child’s summer into something truly inspiring and special with the new additions for older children to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s Summer Art Camps! Take a break from summer boredom with the terrifically fun new classes that offer a fantastic opportunity for your child to explore their creative side!

New to the Summer Art Camps are two classes being offered for older kids aged 11 to 13: Art Journaling, where students will learn many mixed media techniques to fill their journal; and Children’s Choir, where they will get to sing as part of a choir. For those ages 11 to 15, Circus Camp is also opening the world of performance up with Circus West, where they will focus on juggling, acrobatics, human pyramids, the tight wire and unicycling!

Children’s Choir for 11–13 year-olds runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in the fourth week – July 29 to August 2. In week six Art Journaling for 11-13 year-olds runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm – August 12 to 16. These classes are $112.50 for each week - five creative three-hour sessions.

Circus Camps for 13–15 year-olds runs from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and for the 11-13 year-olds it runs from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm – August 12 to 16. This class is $225 and is five fantastic three-hour sessions.

Give your child an unforgettable experience this summer with these unique classes!

The Summer Art Camps brochure is now available. To learn more about class schedules, descriptions, registration and more contact The Centre Box Office at 604-391-SHOW(7469) and ask to have one mailed to you, drop by The Centre and pick up one up or visit

Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce - Envision Business on the Green Tournament

Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce - Envision Business on the Green Tournament

Find out more:

Thursday Jun 13, 2019 
7:30 AM - 3:30 PM PDT

7:30- Registration Opens
8:30 - Shot Gun Start
2:00 - Lunch

Cultus Lake Golf Course 
4000 Columbia Valley Hwy
Cultus Lake, BC

Member Pricing:
$440.00 - Foursome
$110.00 - Individual Golfer

General Admission:
$540.00 - Foursome
$135.00 - Individual Golfer

***Golf Registration includes dinner, wine draw and participaks***
 Golf Carts are currently reserved for hole sponsors
Please add your name to the waitlist and remaining carts will be dispersed by draw.

There are only a few spots left in the 830am tee slots, if you’re interested signing up quick to lock up your spot!

Find out more:

Mark your calendars for the 2019 Envision Business on the Green!  June 13, 2019.  Stay tuned for more information and if you are interested in sponsoring this AMAZING Business Networking event, please contact Leanna at

Everything you want to know about the Envision Business on the Green Tournament happening on June 13th at Cultus Lake Golf Club (and a peek at the new Top Tracer Lounge area!)

Check out the Bloops from our shoot:

Get Creative this Summer with Art Classes at The Cultural Centre!

Get Creative this Summer with Art Classes at The Cultural Centre!


Summer is just around the corner, and so is the Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s new lineup of incredible classes! The fabulous selection is sure to add a bit of fun and excitement into your summer, as these inspiring classes teach you the joys of jewellery making, glazing pottery and mixed media!

For those looking to create their own jewellery, the workshops happening through the summer offer an assortment of lessons to teach you the basics of jewellery making. Discs and Hollow Glass Beads explores a new twist on the round glass bead, by teaching you how to make them flat, ruffled out for flowers, or turn them into hollow beads. While Reef Knot Bracelets focuses on using square knot patterns to create beautiful bracelets, anklets or necklaces to showcase stunning handmade lampwork beads. For those who have an interest in creating something truly unique and beautiful, the Summer Dragonflies class will show you how to create wire and glass dragonflies that are perfect for gifts, window decorations, garden ornaments or as a focal piece for your jewellery.

Let your creativity grow this summer with art classes at The Chilliwack Cultural Centre!

If you’re looking for a way to get creative and practice the Open Glass Studio, Open Clay Studio and Painting and Drawing Open Studio offer a space to hone your skills in glass-bead making and practice on the wheel or hand building. The Open Studios are non-instructional sessions and are perfect for anyone short on time with a desire to construct and create!

Private classes for either small groups or individuals can also be arranged. Perfect for birthday parties, girls’ nights out, or getting the hang of that one tricky medium in one-on-one instruction with one of our talented instructors.

Registration for all classes is now available, but sign up soon because spots are filling up fast! For more information or to register for a class, visit, call 604-391-SHOW(7469), or stop by The Centre Box Office (9201 Corbould Street, Chilliwack).

Hops & Heritage at the Chilliwack Museum

Hops & Heritage at the Chilliwack Museum


Hops & Heritage will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2019 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. This interactive, networking social will feature a craft beer tasting from Chilliwack’s very own Old Yale Brewery, amazing food, engaging interactives, our prized Brewer’s Gold Exhibition, and an experiences silent auction!

This event is part of a larger awareness and engagement campaign that the Society is embarking on to connect the community with Chilliwack’s history. Proceeds from this event will benefit the renovation and renewal of the Museum’s permanent gallery space!

Tickets can be purchased at the Chilliwack Museum and the Chilliwack Archives, as well as online at Tickets are $45 for the public, and $40 for Members of the Chilliwack Museum & Historical Society.