63 Acres & Fraser Valley Meats

Father's Day around here involves a new tradition.

After spending the day with the kids playing baseball, video and board games, the meat party gets started. Kids get tucked in bed just as the lump charcoal gets lit and the tomahawk steak from Fraser Valley Meats is sitting on the counter waiting for some basic seasoning.

The Tomahawk Steak is just a cool piece of meat. It's not some out of this world cut of beef; don't get me wrong, it's damn tasty but it's nothing out of the ordinary except for the the large bone left on.

Seasoned with SPG (salt, pepper and a bit of garlic) you let the beef taste run free when you're done. Personally, reverse sear is the way to go with beef. Cook the steak to 120-130 degrees and then get your coals nice and hot. Slap that steak on top of those hot coals and get some flames rolling. Deliciousness ensues.

I've had 63 Acres beef from Fraser Valley Meats a few times now and I've been more than happy with it. It's true what they say, you get what you pay for. Enjoy!

PS - Fraser Valley Meats is undergoing a big construction project and it's pretty exciting to check out!

Hugo's Mexican Kitchen - Where To Eat in Chilliwack

Hugo's Mexican Kitchen - Where To Eat in Chilliwack

Hugo's Mexican Kitchen is a must stop for anyone in Chilliwack.

Have some amazing Mexican cuisine with no passport needed!
We tried the Beef Barbacoa Tacos & the Chicken Tinga. Both delicious.

We've previously gone with kids in tow and the Cheese Quesadilla with rice and beans is a big hit.

And don't forget the churros... to die for!

Visit them on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/HugosMexicanFood/

Decades Coffee Club

What many consider to be a fixture of downtown Chilliwack, Decades Coffee Club is a must stop for your caffeine fix and sweet tooth cravings. Often voted as the best place to get dessert in town, Decades also offers various breakfast and lunch options. They even cater too.

Ron Laser, owner, envisions Decades Coffee Club as a gathering place for good food and memories. Hosting events like 'Waffles with Friends', tea parties with Princesses and partnering with various creative people in our community; Decades sets itself apart from other coffee shops and is a must stop in and relax kind-a-place.

They have even hosted a Fairytale Tea Party at Decades! Alice and the Queen of Hearts and the Frozen Princesses joined them for the afternoon! (check out their events page for more details)

"I remember times around the kitchen table  enjoying the company of others in laughter and tears and I wanted it to last forever.  Decades Coffee Club is here to bring back those times for everyone. At Decades Coffee Club we bring back the social atmosphere created by great friends,                                                 food, coffee and our baristas."

- Ron Laser, Owner of Decades Coffee Club


Decades Coffee Club.png

Monday to Friday
8:00am - 10:00pm

9:00am - 10:00pm

Closed Sundays and Holidays

Baker Gourmet - Chilliwack Food Truck

Baker & Co. Gourmet - Chilliwack Food Truck


Baker & Co. Gourmet Food Truck is now closed.

We recently went to try out the new food truck, located at the NEW Vedder Park close to the Vedder Bridge and UFV Campus (check the map below to see where to find the park and food truck).

The Baker Gourmet Food Truck is located right next to the ample parking lot and even has a couple of large tents with tables and chairs. We ordered three things: Neets Nuggets (chicken fingers), a Flat Top Dog (with everything on it) and some Better Baker Bacon Cheese Fries. It was delicious and we had leftovers to take home. 

It's a great place to end up after a walk down the Rotary Trail or a morning of fishing on the river. Bring your dog or kid for a play in the park and then enjoy an amazing food truck feast. With a debit machine on hand, you don't even need to have cash to bring along.

From their website:
"Baker & Co. Gourmet foods Inc. is built on more then 40 years combined experience in the Hospitality industry.

Baker Gourmet Chilliwack Food Truck

The Husband and Wife Combo of Chef Jay Baker and Nita Vallillee, bring decades of love and passion for People and Food.

We Stand For Something Great in everything we do. That means carefully sourced premium ingredients from like-minded purveyors we admire and love; thoughtful, well-crafted and responsible design for its place; and deep community support through donations, events and volunteering. Thanks for standing with us!"

Check them out here: bakergourmet.ca 

Find them at Vedder Park, 45454 Petawawa Rd, Chilliwack


Shandhar Hut - Takeout Gems of Chilliwack

Chilliwack has plenty of options for take out food, but one of our favourites has to be Shandhar Hut. Located on Young Rd, between Chilliwack Central and the train tracks, Shandhar Hut has amazing options for everyone in your family. Vegetarian or Gluten Free people to feed? They've got you covered no problem.

Come enjoy a meal inside OR order online - http://www.shandharhut.com/ShandarHut/order.aspx

The Butter Chicken and rice is a classic and you can never order enough Naan Bread!

(We also love the Lamb Korma!)

Major League 2 - Happy Hour

Major League 2 is a great place to find quality food, refreshing domestic, imported and local craft beer, and a perfect atmosphere.

3PM - 5PM
beer sleeves | 1oz highballs | 5oz glasses of wine

45768 Gaetz St. (just off Vedder Rd. behind Frankie's Italian Kitchen)
Check them out here: www.majorleague2.com
Or on Facebook here.

The Craft Taps menu is always changing. Be sure to check it often for some new craft beer choices.

The Craft Taps menu is always changing. Be sure to check it often for some new craft beer choices.